Firearms Sales & Transfers

We sell and transfer firearms. If you're buying online, have it shipped to us. (All firearms bought online need to be shipped and transferred through an licensed FFL). When it comes in, come on over to fill out the required paper work ( Form 4473) & submit to a NICS background check to receive your firearm. (TX LTC holder is the only exemption for NICS background check). We also do special orders. When having something shipped to us please try to reach out first. We are a part of many FFL networks for different companies which is great, but not all of them provide us a tracking number for your shipment. In the event we are not listed as a FFL on sellers network, forward us your order confirmation with TRANSFER REQUEST in the subject line to Be sure to add the company's name that the firearm was purchased from as well as the email address they would like us to send our FFL license.
$20 For an individual without an TX LTC.
$15 If you have an TX LTC
$10 If you are a first responder, active military/veteran, or teacher (regardless of LTC status)

NFA Sales & Transfers
We work in conjunction with Silencers Shop out of Austin, TX. to handle all of our NFA related paper work and filings to makes the process of buying and transferring NFA items as painless as possible.
Here is our custom link to their page: Here, you'll be able to read about the 9 steps involved in buying and transferring an NFA item with ease. Just select the "How to buy" icon at the top left corner of the page. This link will also assign Humble Arms as your dealer and if you make a purchase it's as if you are buying from Humble Arms directly. We also have the ability to assign the NFA item to you on the back end (if in stock) and send you a digital invoice with payable link embedded in it. Either way, we make it possible for you to get what you need.


If you have been wanting a custom built rifle/pistol or if you just want to give a firearm you already own a facelift. Reach out for consultation to see if we can bring your ideas to fruition. Prices vary based upon availability of parts and current market.

Laser Engraving

Are you in need of laser engraving? With our fiber laser we can handle anything from compliance engraving to something simply aesthetic.
Humble Arms has a one time file set up fee of $20 (if extensive design/file clean-up needs to be done, price may be higher).
Engraving starting out as low as $30! Reach out for more info: or

Gun Cleaning & Smithing

We also offer gun cleaning and smithing services! Contact us for more info at

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